Affordable and Fun Indoor Family Activities for Those Extremely Cold Days

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When the winter weather sets in, it's time for outdoor fun like skating, sledding, and playing in the snow. But sometimes, it's just too cold for kids to play outdoors. For those days, you need to be prepared for indoor fun. Fortunately, you can plan a number of enjoyable indoor activities for your kids without spending too much money.

Stock up on supplies You’ll want to have indoor sports equipment, hand-held gaming systems, tablets, craft supplies, and other essentials on hand to keep your kids occupied. Fortunately, you don't have to pay full price for most items. Instead, stock up when things are on sale locally, and look to eBay and aggregate deal sites for deep discounts on gently used toys, games, and other goods. You can also earn eBay cash back depending on what you purchase.

If you’re considering picking up a new tablet, Chromebook has many kid-friendly options such as the Samsung Chromebook 3 Laptop and Acer 15.6" HD WLED Chromebook 15. When choosing a tablet, take into account its features, durability, and how user-friendly it is.

Set up an arts and crafts center

Arts and crafts projects can be quite messy. And since you probably don't want glitter and glue all over your house, you can set up a table, a nook, or a room in your home that serves as the arts and crafts center. Preferably, this room will have tile or vinyl flooring rather than carpeting, making it easier to deal with those inevitable spills. If you don't have an adequate space inside your home, consider dedicating a corner of your garage to serve as your kids own art studio. Wherever your space is, you can give them all the supplies and allow them to make whatever they want, or have them follow along with one of the many art YouTube channels. By watching video tutorials, they can learn about the work of famous artists, as well as the different types of drawing and various art mediums.

Take it to the kitchen

When it is freezing outside, it's a good time to keep the kids indoors and teach them how to cook. Cooking and baking is a wonderful bonding activity for parents and kids of all ages. Even very young kids can wash fruits and vegetables, add ingredients to a bowl, and other simple kitchen tasks. Cooking is fun, but also educational. It's a great way to teach fractions and measurements. Cooking also promotes literacy and builds vocabulary as you teach your young ones how to read recipes. You can also introduce your children to new foods or ingredients, as well as prompt discussions about geography when you cook international cuisine.

Burn off some energy Many studies have been done on the effects of “cabin fever” when you are stuck inside for long periods of time. The feelings of restlessness and boredom are real and kids (and adults) need to burn off their extra energy with physical activity. A small indoor trampoline doesn’t cost much if you buy it used. Add in a few jump ropes, some exercise balls, and other simple equipment, then have them go through an exercise “circuit” for an indoor workout. Another fun thing to do is allow your kids to do some tumbling. If you don’t have any exercise mats, they can pull their mattresses onto the floor in a central spot away from any breakables and go to town with headstands, somersaults, and cartwheels.

Make a quiet zone After they’ve expanded some energy, call for some quiet time for your sanity. Make it family reading time or put together jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaws provide an opportunity for siblings to work together toward a common goal of completing the puzzle. A stack of puzzle, riddle, or brain teaser books will also keep them occupied, while stretching their minds and improving problem- solving skills. Your children could play video games or board games in the quiet zone, too – as long as they are relatively quiet. Having a quiet time encourages kids to quietly entertain themselves while you get some time to relax.

Though kids enjoy being outdoors, sometimes the freezing temperatures are just too low to spend time outside. That's when it's time to bring the fun indoors. Whether it's an arts and crafts activity or something a bit more rambunctious, you can definitely make the most of a dangerously frigid day inside the comforts of your own home, without needing to spend a lot of money.


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