Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes with Kevin and Vivian

On Saturday, June 1, 2013, Kevin, Vivian and I sat down to review the penciled storyboards. We went through page by page and discussed every single detail from the placement of the text on the page right down to the reaction and expression on each character's face.

We all decided that Sausages could be used as a B character just by what he does in the pictures. He's going to be messy, just like Fin. As the exaggeration builds from each mess that Fin accidentally creates, Fin will get dirtier, allowing for more emotion in Sausages. Sausages will act as a key ingredient to Fin's understanding and realization that he needs to be more careful.

This page is meant to show the turning point in Fin's realization. However, we all decided to rethink the text and image because it just didn't flow the way we wanted.

Other topics for discussion that took place:

-Sequencing and the order of events needed to be refined (garden scene)

-Re-writing the tag line and dropping 'Fin' so that it reads 'A little goes a long way!' (not 'Fin, a little goes a long way' every time)???

-The ending line of 'a little love goes a long way.' Should it just read 'a little goes a long way'?

-Do we need the text on page 15?

-balance in bigger action/order on page 12,13

-reactions of every character to be revised so it builds

So, as you can see even at this point in the process, there are many changes that will take place. A writer's work is never done until it's in print!

Next meeting will take place 4 weeks from original meeting date. We will go over the artist's edits and changes and will have tightened up the text.Once we have a solid edit, then we will begin the color phase and finalizing the artwork. Realistically, we're heading for a Fall release at this point. In the mean time, I am busy reworking the text and brainstorming a marketing plan. I'm also busy networking on sites like twitter and facebook and getting involved in the local community.

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