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Well, things change in the land of writing and publishing. They say a writer's work is never done and it certainly isn't done until you have that beautiful published copy of your work in your hand. I may have jumped the gun a bit; realizing the dream too soon. Things happen in the publishing world. Contracts are signed but terminations are made all the time. The culprit for these sudden cancellations? MONEY. It all boils down to money and Paper Farms was running out of it. So, I got that dreaded call every writer gets after signing with a publishing house and Kevin informed me of his unfortunate news of closing down Paper Farms. He said his partners and him gave it a good run to start up their publishing company but too many losses were made on the books they produced. I, of course, understood and Kevin reassured me that our project WOULD get done. It would just have to take another turn to get there and that he would help out as much as he could. He just could no longer put the money in and act as publisher. The more I thought about it, the more I realized this could actually work to my advantage. So what, I have to publish this myself?? In this day in age? EASY. There are so many accessible tools now and our project is too far down the production line to stop now. I agree to take over as 'publisher' and with the help of Kevin guiding me through all of the steps, I decide to set up my own publishing house and I realize this could really be the start of something really cool.

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