"I have read quite a few children’s books recently, and I have to say that this book is the cutest so far."

      -Cheryl Schopen,

      Readers Favorite 5            star Review 

My son loves singing along to the song and audio book! I uploaded  it to my phone and now whenever he gets fussy in the car, I put it on through bluetooth and he settles straight away. The song is so catchy!    

                     – Kate,


Possibly one of the best author debuts of the year. A Little Goes a Long Way is brilliantly written. True to life for children and parents, light hearted and fun while caring a huge message of resourcefulness. The book is written is such a kid-friendly way that there is little else a parent must do to explain the concept of the story to little readers. A huge plus when you are a busy parent. Teaching kids the importance lesson of being okay with making the occasional mistake BUT we learn, try and try again and adopt good habits. A perfect reminder of being patient for parents as well ;-) I absolutely loved this book, my kids did too. The illustrations brilliant, so glad to have come across this book.

          - 5 STAR AMAZON REVIEW

 Cute story, excellent illustrations!!!!!
                      – Goodreads

We can’t recommend this book enough.
A lovely tale beautifully illustrated.
We bought this for our young nephews and they absolutely loved it.
We will most definitely purchase any follow children’s book from this author.
– Amazon UK Reviewers